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Welcome to Artistic's "Ready 4 Deco" merchandise program. All selections are decorated with the logo of your choice upon receipt of your order. Artistic's in-house manufacturing capabilities provide your own personal store and the opportunity to purchase economical and no-minimal quantities based on your actual needs.

Please allow 5 to 7 business days for production of "Stock" product selections. All other selections require approx. 7-14 business days. Production time does not include ground delivery time to your location.

For expedited service or to meet an "In-Hands" date please contact Customer Service for availability detail. For additional product options please contact Artistic Customer Service or visit the "Artistic Family of Brands Merchandise" categories.

4" x 6" LCD Multi Function Picture Frame
Item #KR-O187

Your Price: 59.95

32k Slim Card Back-Up Device
Item #KR-O146

Your Price: 11.10

Micro Clip MP3 Player 1GB
Item #KR-O103

Your Price: 39.00

Digital MP4 Player
Item #KR-O100

Your Price: 62.95

3-Port USB Hub with Clock
Item #KR-O703

Your Price: 14.85

Mobile Phone Charger
Item #ST-EL22

Your Price: 14.95

Trio Digital Photo Frame
Item #ST-DF03

Your Price: 52.15

MP3 Travel Speakers
Item #ST-EL25

Your Price: 12.30

Desk Top/Mobile Radio
Item #ST-EL02

Your Price: 18.93

Executive Business Set V 2.0 (256MB)
Item #LE-130085

Your Price: 30.78

Holster USB Flash Drive V 2.0 (1GB)
Item #LE-167028

Your Price: 23.20

Dual Function laser Pointer USB Memory Pen (2GB)
Item #LE-167070

Your Price: 36.50

Metropolitan USB Memory Pen (1GB)
Item #LE-167085

Your Price: 29.00

Portable Media Player (512MB)
Item #LE-166041

Your Price: 139.00

Slide Travel Speakers
Item #LE-167011

Your Price: 19.95

Velocity USB 4-Port Hub V 2.0
Item #LE-166025

Your Price: 16.35

Velocity Computer Gift set
Item #LE-130026

Your Price: 45.00

Tech Essential Computer Set
Item #LE-165012

Your Price: 26.55

High Sierra Portable Charging Station
Item #LE-805085

Your Price: 16.55